Fallout 4 mod brings back full dialogue options

Fallout 4 is the first game in the franchise to give a voice to your protagonist. In previous titles, whenever you had a dialogue prompt, you'd simply read your character's lines. Since your character can speak, Bethesda trimmed down their dialogue prompts, only presenting you with the smallest snippet of each possible response. If you miss getting to read through each of the responses, then you're in luck.

Bethesda won't be releasing their mod creation kit until sometime early next year, but that hasn't stopped modders from setting to work, anyway. One of the first mods tackles the dialogue issues that some players have been upset about. With it, you'll be able to read every possible response, before making your selection.

What's more, the mod also changes around the dialogue interface, so that it's listed by number, rather than situated around the arrow keys. If you're playing with a controller, there is a version of the mod that doesn't include the new interface.

Since this mod wasn't made with the upcoming creation kit, you'll need to make a small edit to the game's .ini file in order to make it work. Otherwise, all you need to do is extract some folders into your Fallout 4 data folder, and you'll be good to go.

VIA: RockPaperShotgun

Source: NexusMods