Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC update addresses poor PS4 performance

Fallout 4's first major expansion, Far Harbor, has been out for a few weeks now, and while the DLC has been mostly well received among the game's fans, players on the PlayStation 4 have had to deal with some serious problems. It turns out that the dense fog that covers the huge new environment causes the PS4 version to suffer frame-rate issues and even crash under certain circumstances. Fortunately developer Bethesda has just made a fix available that sets things right.

The major issue that PS4 players experienced was a significant drop in frame-rates down to a constant 20fps, sometimes even dipping as low as 15fps. These problems simply weren't present on the Xbox One and PC versions of Far Harbor.

The good news is that Bethesda's fix seems to be working for nearly all PS4 players, with the game running at a much smoother 30fps. The somewhat bad news is that it can take some time to apply. See, Bethesda didn't release an actual patch or small update file. Instead they've made a new version of the entire DLC available.

This means PS4 players need to go through the unusual process of deleting the expansion off their console's hard drive, and then downloading the new version. Bethesda has provided this simple guide of the steps they need to follow:

1. Confirm Fallout 4 is not running. Highlight Fallout 4 in your PS4 dashboard, press Options, and select Close Application to ensure Fallout 4 is not running minimized.

2. Select Related Items. You'll find this under the Fallout 4 icon in the PS4 dashboard.

3. Select My Add-Ons.

4. Navigate to the Download Arrow next to Far Harbor and select it.

5. You should see a notice that Far Harbor has been Added to Downloads.

6. Wait for the downloadable content to finish downloading and installing before starting Fallout 4.

In the event this solution doesn't fix things, Bethesda suggests that players complete delete all of Fallout 4, its files, and DLC from their PS4, and then install everything from scratch.

SOURCE Bethesda