Fall Guys update now available with some much-requested fixes

Fall Guys has received a new update, and while it isn't adding any new content, it is delivering a number of changes that the community has been requesting since the game released. Included in this update are changes to the way team games work, fixes to several exploits that players were taking advantage of and, perhaps most importantly, fixes for various crashes.

The update was detailed on the Fall Guys Twitter, with the changelog posted there as an image. Originally, Mediatonic said that the update would be available sometime this week, but it was able to to push the patch out the door today.

According to the developer, this new update has changed the round selection algorithm so that team games will only be selected if team sizes will be the same. Players have been complaining about lopsided teams since the beta, so this fix is a long time coming indeed.

The update has also changes the geometry in Jump Showdown to prevent a gameplay exploit that players were abusing. Fall Guys' social media person doesn't name the exploit directly, but it was almost certainly the one that allowed players to hang off a platform infinitely and win matches easily. Just as well, Slimb Climb has been changed and will no longer allow players to grab certain moving obstacles.

The patch also fixes "the top 5 most frequent crashes," so hopefully those of you experiencing constant crashing will get some kind of reprieve after this update lands. The company originally planned to ship a fix that showed party members first in spectator mode, but unfortunately, that feature didn't make the final cut. We'll look for it in a future hotfix, so stay tuned for more.