Falcon Innovations Germ Genie Kills 99% of Germs on Keyboards

Evan Selleck - Oct 5, 2010
Falcon Innovations Germ Genie Kills 99% of Germs on Keyboards

Back in 2008, there was a survey conducted that was showcased in England’s Which? magazine. The study was meant to find out how much bacteria lives on your every day keyboard, and the results were pretty shocking. It found that, on average, there is about five times more bacteria on the keyboard, than you’ll find on your toilet seat. That percentage only grows as you look at public keyboards, as the more people use it, the more bacteria gets deposited onto the keyboard. There are plenty of ways to kill bacteria on a keyboard, even down to just using sanitizing wipes, but what if you want something a bit more exact? That’s where the Germ Genie comes in.

The Germ Genie is a unit that sits right above your keyboard, and looks down upon it. The device is set to be shown off at Liverpool’s Total Workplace Management show. The idea behind the machine is that it will sense finger movement on the keyboard throughout a usage period, and when the fingers stop their usage for a set determined amount of time, the Genie will then shine down a powerful UV light to kill the bacteria on the keyboard. And, considering UV light is dangerous to the skin, the Genie will shut itself down if it’s in the middle of a cleaning as soon as it senses finger movement on the keyboard again.

The Germ Genie is said to actually destroy up to 99 percent of germs on particular points in the keyboard, after only two minutes. After 10 minutes, the results are the same, but across the whole ‘board. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the Germ Genie for yourself, you can check it out on Falcon Industries’ site, and it’s available to purchase for about $222.

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