Fake: Hello Kitty HK-47

Sure you can't have an AK-47 fully customized ala Hello Kitty style. It won't only cost you $1072.95 for one.

It is pretty funny though, the crocheted butt stock cover really sets it off. Well, that and the purple plastic covering with the Hello Kitty sticker at the end of the pretty purple plastic banana clip.

I wonder how many spare magazines you'd get with a gun like this. It really is funny, the best part is when you go to their site, add one to your cart, and then click checkout, it redirects you to something to further explain the level of stupidity you must have had to even think this was real, that's right, I did it, I just had to see.

No, sorry, the 'HK-47' is a joke [via Crave]