Faces of Facebook packs 1.26 billion faces, looks like TV snow

Freelance creative technologist Natalia Rojas has launched a Facebook application called The Faces of Facebook, whereby all 1,262,089,537... 1,262,089,589... 1,262,089,604 (and counting) Facebook profile pictures are displayed as one giant, pixelated image. Click a pixel to zoom in, then click a specific profile picture to display that person's public Facebook profile.

The profile pictures are arranged chronologically from top left to bottom right by Facebook join date. Hovering over a profile picture displays that person's corresponding "Face Number". Click the location marker in the top right corner of the screen to sign in to your Facebook account, learn your Face Number, and if desired share it on your Timeline to show your friends how you joined Facebook before it was cool (or uncool, depending on timing and attitude.)

Rojas, whose coding interests range from mobile applications to games to email marketing to interactive installations, developed The Faces of Facebook using a combination of HTML 5, Javascript, CSS, JQuery, EaselJS, Ajaz, FB API, PHP and MySQL. Artist and tyopographer Peele Lemos contributed design work to the project.

Rojas makes a point in the site description to waylay any fears that The Faces of Facebook might contitute a breach of privacy. Just as with all Facebook application, the only data used is that which users have made publicly available. Those who do not wish to be discoverable by the site can set their Facebook profiles to private and/or hide any incriminating naked drunk cliffdiving photos.