Facebook's showing status suggestions to some users

Facebook posting. Do it often enough and you'll start to feel like you're repeating yourself. Maybe you feel like having some banal online banter, but you've nothing witty to say. Life has been boring. You're out of material. In the future that might not be an issue. Some users are reporting seeing status ideas on their Facebook, which are presented as "Suggested Topics" and include things that are trending on the social network. A popup prods users toward the suggested topics.

Facebook hasn't made any sort of announcement about the Suggested Topics, which indicates that the social network is likely only testing it and may pull it at some point rather than rolling it out (or we might see an official announcement at some point, no one knows yet).

The screenshot above was sent to the folks at Adweek's Social Times by reader Chris Ruberg, and it shows something called "Suggested Topics" in the status bar, as well as a prompt that reads: "Want to post to your fans but run out of ideas? Here are some suggested topics." It appears clicking on one will add it as a hashtag to the status.

It isn't clear how many users are seeing the Suggested Topics at this point, but from the looks of things the feature would be to get people more engaged with the social network's Trending topics.

SOURCE: Adweek