Facebook's desktop dark mode and redesign rolls out to most users

The desktop dark mode Facebook first announced last year is now available to the majority of its users, the company has announced. You won't see the dark mode when you sign in today — rather, you must opt into the new redesign and related dark mode in order to test it. Some users still don't have access to the new setting, however, so there's a chance you'll have to wait until it finally rolls your way.

Facebook isn't springing the redesigned interface on users who may not be ready for it — some people are less comfortable with change than others, after all. Assuming you're one of the people who have access to the new option, you'll find it in the Settings menu listed as 'Switch to New Facebook.'

This will pull up the new Facebook design, which brings a much-needed refresh to the aging interface. The menu bars are less prominent, the sidebar is far less cluttered, the things you use most often are easier to find, and the tabbed design is more familiar to people who often use the mobile app.

Users have the option of switching back to the classic design if they prefer it — the number of people who switch back may influence how the final redesign looks, but Facebook's overall plans in this regard remain unclear. Users are also able to toggle on the new Dark Mode, which switches the new interface over to a darker variety that's easier on the eyes.

Some users already had access to the new design — the company started inviting some people to try its beta design months ago. The desktop redesign rollout comes amid the recent Messenger redesign, which made chatbots and businesses less prominent and removed the Discover tab.