Facebook wrapping up removal of feature that blocked searches by name

In 2012, Facebook announced that users who never took advantage of the "Who can look up your Timeline by name?" feature would lose access to that search setting option, which had been around for a while and was swapped out with different options. Those who were using the setting could continue to do so, however, something that will change soon as the social network finalizes the removal for everyone.

As the upcoming removing is rolling out, those who have been using the setting will see a notification pop up at the top of their account letting them know that the removal is coming. The reasons for the removal are numerous, but boil down to what Facebook says is the eradication of a feature that was created for a social network of days gone by that is no longer useful for present users.

The feature allowed users to control who found their Timeline through search, which Facebook says made searches "feel broken" for some users who were unable to find the person by using search. It also wasn't adequate for its purposes, with users still being easily accessed through other means, such as being visible in comments on others' statuses, through public comments made through the account, and more.

Rather than using the feature, Facebook is encouraging users to better utilize the individual privacy options for various components of the social network. Statuses, for example, can be set to private, as well as different bits of information on one's timeline (educational information, etc.). The Activity Log is another option, making it easier to see one's various activity and toggle privacy settings on them.

VIA: TechCrunch