Facebook videos start prompting you to "click for more"

Over the years, Facebook has transformed from a simple way to keep up with family and friends to one of the biggest sites to consume all form of digital media. One of their biggest focus points is currently their video platform, which now gets around 8 billion video views every day. The company has just announced new changes that they hope will get that number even higher.

Soon, when watching a video on Facebook, you may have it interrupted by a prompt to "click for more." Should you go ahead and click, the video will expand to an overlay which not only gives you a bigger view, but also has a collection of other videos to watch when you're finished.

While I have seen the new overlay feature for a while, I've only just seen the prompt to click. While this is an obvious tactic to get people to see other videos when they're finished with the one they're watching, it is likely going to be one that annoys many people. Prior to this, clicking anywhere on the video would simply pause it. So people are accustomed to simply clicking anywhere on a video. Now, should you click anywhere except on the small pause symbol, you'll be taken to the new overlay.

The most likely reason for this new feature is the obvious one. The more videos they can get you to watch, the more ads they're able to fit in between.

VIA: TechCrunch