Facebook testing new Timeline layout

One of the things that angered many Facebook users recently was the force moved to Timeline for many people. Many users felt that the Timeline layout was too busy and made it difficult to follow things on the profile of users. While Facebook hasn't ditched Timeline altogether, the social network is apparently testing a new layout.

The new layout is cleaner than the original making it look a bit less busy and possibly easier to follow. As you can see in the image here, the top image is the new layout, and the bottom image is the original. I like the looks of the new layout much better than the old. The links for photos, friends, maps, and favorites are much easier to follow in the new layout than they were in the old layout that had little pictures for each link.

The new Timeline view also adds a tab on the user's profile called Summary. When a button is pressed a list of the major "Life Events" for the user's profile you are viewing is displayed. It's not clear how many users are currently testing new profile view. Does the move you make you want to switch to Timeline? I'm still on the original profile layout and have no intentions moving to Timeline until Facebook forces me.

[via TalkingPointsMemo]