Facebook Security Key adds support for USB key logins

Facebook has announced an excellent new security feature for those who are particularly concerned about their online privacy. Per a new announcement from Facebook Security, the social network now supports Security Key logins, allowing users to register Security Keys that connect to a device's USB port. The hardware security option offers certain protections above what you get with two-factor authentication.

Of course, two-factor authentication — which requires you to enter a code delivered in a text message — is the only security many users want or need. Those who have reasons to better protect their accounts, though, or who want to ensure hackers can't access them, can now utilize hardware security keys like the YubiKey.

The corny video above shows how the security key works — once set up, you'll be prompted to plug the security key into your computer in order to log in, then tap a small part of it. The USB security keys are small and can be stored just about anywhere, including in your wallet or on your keychain.

Facebook points out that security keys have some extra security benefits, such as being interoperable for use on other personal accounts that support the technology. It also allows for logging in quickly, and it is very hard to circumvent by anyone who doesn't have access to the physical security key.

For the time being, you'll need to be using either the latest version of Chrome or Opera on desktop. For Android users, you'll be able to log into the mobile website (Facebook app not supported for now) assuming your device is NFC-capable and you have both Google Authenticator and Chrome installed.