Facebook 'Save' takes on Pocket for your read-it-later habit

By now, your Facebook news feed might be cumbersome. A bloated mess of news and family stuff that often requires more attention than you care to spend in a sitting. To that end, Facebook has put themselves into the "read it later" game with a new features called "Save".

Save works a lot like the read it later service you might currently be using, except it doesn't require that you migrate away from Facebook. In addition to interesting articles you come across, Ave will also let you tag things like media and links to websites you find in your feed. Your saved items are visible only to you until you share them.

The feature, which is listed under the "More" header in the slide-out menu, also categorizes your items accordingly. Save a movie showtime, and it will be under "Movies". The actions are similar to other Facebook apps like Messenger — slide the listing to delete, archive, or share.

To actually save an item, just click the arrow-down icon on the top right of a post; Save will be the first option. Facebook says they may periodically remind you about your saved items in your news feed, but they haven't made clear just how they'll decide when to remind you of stuff. Location-based reminders would be a lot like Google Now, it seems. The ability to send yourself a reminder to view a link would be handy, too.

Facebook will be rolling this out via an update to the web, iOS, and Android over the next few days. Once we get our hands on it, we'll compare and contrast it to your current option to see if it's worth your time, or just another cute Facebook option to overlook.