Facebook rolls out Donate buttons for nonprofits’ pages

Will Conley - Dec 16, 2013, 2:41pm CST
Facebook rolls out Donate buttons for nonprofits’ pages

Facebook is rolling out a new feature whereby users can donate to any nonprofit on Facebook through the nonprofit’s page or by clicking a button on posts pushed by that page. This should theoretically make it easier to donate to nonprofits without them having to constantly ask for money. Facebook’s 1 billion users are, to say the least, a deep well of support, not all of which has yet been tapped.

The feature is only rolling out to a select few nonprofits at the moment. Facebook has “partnered” with just a handful for now to show off the donate button. Nonprofits on Facebook who are interested in getting the feature can apply to get the buttons through Facebook’s dedicated interest form.

TechCrunch points out that the button will also be used to collect and store payment information from donors. This means that should you make a donation to a nonprofit through one of the new donate buttons, your information will be kept in the event you should want to donate to a nonprofit again — or make a non-nonprofit purchase through Facebook. Your payment information should be just as secure as it was before, but of course this brings you one step closer to spending more cash on the social media giant, part of whose business model is — surprise, surprise — making money.



Currently you can donate to nonprofits like Oxfam, Donors Choose, Livestrong, the Nature Conservancy, and more. Go to their page directly and hit the donate button, or just wait for a post from a nonprofit shared by a friend. For the future, we don’t know whether the button will appear on every single nonprofit post going forward.

SOURCE: Facebook
VIA: TechCrunch

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