Facebook rolling out new card-based activity updates

Nate Swanner - May 14, 2014, 2:05pm CDT
Facebook rolling out new card-based activity updates

Facebook is rolling out a new way to push contextual content based on your check-ins, which is coming via an OTA update. Now when you check in to a location, cards will show up telling you who else may have been there, relying on your Facebook connections for the data. It also works for status updates, which could keep users glued to the service more than they currently are.

The cards will appear over your news feed, and show only a few relevant cards so as not to bombard you with info. The check-in scheme is pretty simple, and goes off check-ins from others you’ve connected with. Status updates are equally simple, but rely on us to engage with the service much more for it to make sense.

If you post that you’re watching There Will be Blood for the 54th time, Facebook will tell you which of you other pals also likes that film. It works for any activity (reading, listening to music, etc.), and thankfully forgoes a broader spectrum of telling you when other people may have been annoyed with traffic (or equally lame social media updates you get).

The update is rolling out today for iOS users, with no word on when it will come around for Android or WP. The tweak also doesn’t seem to affect Facebook Paper, so if you’re using that as your Facebook app of choice, you likely won’t see these cards.

Via: Mashable

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