Facebook revamping News Feed advertisements

All Facebook users are presented with advertisements in their News Feeds, some of which may be relevant or innocuous enough to go relatively unnoticed, but others aren't to users' liking, and Facebook is aiming to help improve this. The social network's Engineering Manager of News Feed Ads Hong Ge has taken to the FB Newsroom today detailing the company's plans to make advertisements more relevant for users.

Mr. Ge goes on to detail Facebook's general advertisement selection process, which involves basing the ads shown in the News Feed on information the advertiser supplies and data on that user. Things marked as interesting to the user, pages they like, advertisements they've hidden in the past and other ads they've clicked on, and similar details are factored in to determine the ads displayed to each user.

A change to the advertisement algorithm is taking place at the social network, says Facebook, and will be improving both the "relevance and quality" of the ads users find in their News Feed. In this particular case, things are being changed up so that user feedback given on ads is more heavily weighed, factoring in instances of ads being hidden and reported and such.

With this change, users will begin to see more relevant ads pop up, and for marketers, the odds should be increased that their ads find an audience interested in what they have to offer. As such, marketers are also being advised that they may see the distribution of their Facebook ads change "in the coming weeks", the duration during which the new advertisement algorithm is being rolled out.

SOURCE: Facebook Newsroom