Facebook rakes in $1.46b revenue, 751m mobile users in Q1 2013

Facebook has reported its Q1 2013 earnings today, and there seems to be mixed results across the board. The company scrounged up $1.46 billion in revenue, which is up 38% from the same quarter last year, but it's not up to par from where the company was at over the summer. As for net profit, the company earned $312 million and earnings of 12 cents per share.

As for the social network's user base, the latest figures show that mobile usage on Facebook is continuing to rise. The company boasts that 751 million users are accessing the social networking site via mobile devices, while only 665 daily users are visiting through the desktop. This is the second quarter in a row where mobile users have trumped desktop users.

As for advertising, Facebook says that $375 million of its advertising revenue came from mobile alone, while 30% of the company's revenue this quarter came from advertising, proving that putting ads on their service is one of the most lucrative things that they're doing, which means that users won't see a slow down in the number of ads they see anytime soon.

As for the number of monthly active users on Facebook, the company has updated that number to 1.11 billion users, which is a 23% increase from the same time last year. As for Facebook's 665 million daily active users, that's up from 26% from the same quarter last year. It's been interesting to see Facebook's usage grow and grow, but we have to be approaching a point when they'll hit a plateau. When will that be, exactly?