Facebook pushes employees to Android devices to make a better app

Social network Facebook has primarily handed out iPhones to its employees for a long time. Presumably, since more Facebook workers use the iPhone this is one of the reasons why the iPhone Facebook application seems to work better than the Android app. Any Android user has probably had issues and disappointment with the Facebook application for the Google operating system on a few occasions.

Facebook is trying to remedy the problem of not having many of its own employees and developers using the Android platform by encouraging its workers to "droidfood." Facebook has placed several posters around its office encouraging users to contact its internal helpdesk to switch from the iPhone to a Android device. The image you see above is one of the posters encouraging workers to switch.

Facebook doesn't only want its workers on a mix of iPhone and Android smartphones, it wants workers to switch to Android and report any bugs they find in the Android Facebook app using its bug report tool called Range Shake. The second photo you see here is another one of the posters reportedly plastered on the walls at Facebook showing the significantly increasing number of Android devices that are shipping compared to the iPhone.

TechCrunch reports that workers at Facebook that are on Android devices are forced to run the most recent beta version of Facebook for Android and Facebook Messenger. The Facebook internal beta builds have the built in Range Shake bug reporting tool. If Facebook really wants to make its Android apps better, I wonder why it doesn't simply allow Android users access to a bug report tool and call it a day?

[via TechCrunch]