Facebook posts $1.59b revenue for Q4 2012, more users on mobile than desktop

Craig Lloyd - Jan 30, 2013, 3:48pm CST
Facebook posts $1.59b revenue for Q4 2012, more users on mobile than desktop

Facebook has beat expectations of its Q4 2012 earnings, recording a revenue of $1.59 billion, which is just above the expected $1.53 billion that the company would rake in. However, the social networking giant didn’t make much of a profit, and instead recorded only a net income of $64 million during the quarter.

Compared to figures a year ago, which were $1.13 billion in revenue and a profit of $302 million in Q4 2011, the company has seen some slight setbacks. After going public for the first time in 2012, the company’s stock hasn’t done too well. It’s never reached its initial $38 per share, but it has jumped by 30% within the last six months after it tanked.

As far as the company’s user base goes, they saw an average of 1.06 billion monthly active users, with 618 million of them being daily active users. What’s perhaps even more incredible is that their monthly active user count for those accessing the service on mobile devices was 680 million, surpassing the number of users using the web interface.

This marks the first time for Facebook where this has happened, and it’s proof that mobile devices are becoming more and more prevalent in people’s lives, continuing the speculation of whether or not we’re all in a post-PC era. We’re not sure when or if the mobile MAU will peak, but we’re guessing that this won’t be the last time that mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage.

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