Facebook Portal TV finally gets support for Zoom video calls

If you're a Facebook Portal user who prefers to have your video calls up on the big screen, the company has some good news. As of today, Zoom (as well as GoToMeeting) is now available on Portal TV, the version of Portal that is essentially a smart webcam for your home television. The new support comes weeks after Facebook added Zoom support to its non-TV Portal devices.

Portal TV is a hardware product from Facebook that enables social media users to interact with their friends on their home's biggest screen. The device features a Smart Camera with zoom and pan functionality that automatically tracks subjects, including zooming out when a new person enters the picture.

The platform packs in more features than you'd get with a high-end webcam, however, including Alexa voice support and the ability to view your security camera feeds, support for calls with WhatsApp and Messenger, a 'Smart Sound' feature that reduces background noises during calls, Facebook Live support, and the ability to display pictures from Facebook and Instagram accounts.

In addition to the WhatsApp and Messenger video call support, Facebook says that Portal TV can also now be used to make video calls on Zoom and GoToMeeting. The convenience is obvious; rather than staring at a small screen on your laptop or desktop, you can set up your Zoom calls across the room on the big screen, putting some distance between you and the viewer.

Likewise, the camera makes it possible to stay on video while pacing or moving around, which may allow people who are working from home to more naturally participate in collaboration efforts or demonstrate projects. If you don't mind the fact that Portal TV is a Facebook product, you can purchase it now for $129 USD.