Facebook 'On This Day' brings nostalgia in fewer clicks

Many of us have photos in Facebook we keep there for safekeeping. The ability to upload pics and have them stored in the cloud is a nice feature for Facebook. Nostalgia is also one reason many keep those old photos lying around digitally, where a quick trip down memory lane is just a few clicks away. Today, Facebook is announcing less clicks to get you to memory lane, as a new feature named "On This Day" is being rolled out.

With On This Day, you can quickly get a flashback of what was going on in your life on that day in the past. If you visited On This Day today, you might get a status update for March 24 2012, or pics from March 24 2014.

On This Day feeds you pics, status updates, and even posts you were tagged in. You'll also see posts you shared, and the content is marked private unless you choose to share it.

If you like, Facebook will also send you notifications so you know to check old stuff out. When in the On This Day tab, you can also choose to delete older posts or pics, making it as much ongoing spring cleaning as nostalgic.

Facebook says the feature will be rolling out globally on mobile and the web, where it can be found at facebook.com/onthisday. Your 'On This Day' fodder may also end up in your News Feed.

Source: Facebook