Facebook no longer appealing to teens

It seems that Facebook is on its way out from the Teen community. Many teens are moving more towards social media platforms like Instagram (conveniently owned by Facebook) and SnapChat. It's most likely because of Instagram/SnapChat's appealing user-friendly mobile apps (Facebook for Android still needs work), and because of teenagers' obsession with sharing photos. Some teenagers only use Facebook as a last resort when they get bored of their other social media apps.

Adam Ludwin, developer of a social photo album app entitled Albumatic, interviewed a group of people under the age of 25 about his app, and a majority of the people he asked stated that they disliked the apps reliance on Facebook. Ludwin stated, "They gave me the typical teenage response. We're bored with Facebook."

It also seems that Facebook is very aware of this problem. In Facebook's annual 10-K report, it stated, "We believe that some of our users, particular our younger users, are aware of and are actively engaging with other products and services similar to, or as a substitute for, Facebook." The statement continues on by saying that its business could be harmed due to its users lack of interest in its service.

It's normal for teens to quickly move onto the next "it" thing. It's very impressive that Facebook became so popular with teens for as long as it did. Perhaps Facebook will find a new way to bring back teens to its service. Otherwise, it'll join the masses of other left-behind services, like AOL Instant Messenger, Xanga, and MySpace. While those services are still alive and still have a user-base, they just aren't the way they used to be "back in the day".

[via Business Insider]