Facebook Mobile Games Publishing arrives to help devs boost their game

It's no secret that Facebook enjoys experimenting with ways to boost revenue as well as helping out developers in exchange for more content on the social network. We've known that Facebook has been trying out a new games publishing platform, and today they're making it official with what they're calling Mobile Games Publishing.

Essentially, this program allows Facebook to become a mobile games publisher by offering distribution for a game developer's game and pointing them to Facebook users who might be interested in playing it. The only catch is that Facebook will be entitled to a cut of the revenue that the game brings in.

Of course, the program won't be open to everyone — just small to medium game developers that show great potential in their game if Facebook thinks so. You'll have to sign up and hope that Facebook is interested in your game, otherwise you'll have to go elsewhere to get your game published, but it's hard to get your game shown to a billion users, literally.

Facebook didn't disclose yet how much revenue cut they take from games that they publish, but we wouldn't be surprised if it was close to what Apple takes in iTunes, with a 30% cut. That seems like the standard nowadays, but we'll ultimately have to see what Facebook decides on in the near future.

Game developers can apply right now, and the sign-up sheet is rather straightforward and quick. All you have to do is fill in some details about yourself, as well as some information on past games that you've made and what platforms you develop on. Further on down the line, we're guessing there will be a place to apply for your current games to get published by Facebook.