Facebook mobile app supports anonymous connections via Tor

The terms "Facebook" and "anonymously" are two that probably don't seem to go well together. After all, Facebook goes to great lengths to confirm exactly who is using their service, at times. But still, some people want to be on the social network, without giving up information such as their current location. And the company has rolled out a new feature to help you do just that.

The company launched a .onion address back in 2014 to help people connect to the social networking site anonymously. The only problem with this is that you could only use Tor-enabled browsers to login. For people on the go, that isn't very useful. Well starting soon, you'll be able to get that same sense of privacy on Android versions of their app.

In order to connect to the app, you'll need to download Orbot, which is the Tor Project's official proxy app. You'll then be able to load up the Facebook app, and enable "Use Tor via Orbot" in the settings. Notifications will be turned off once this feature is activated, as they can't be sent over Tor.

So far, there is no official Tor app for iOS, which would likely be the main reason why Facebook only announced this new feature for Android. Granted, there are Tor browsers for iOS, just nothing official from the Tor Project.