Facebook Messenger adds personalization tools, Photo Magic

Facebook has updated Messenger with some features designed to make holiday chatting and sharing a little more fun. As part of that, Photo Magic is rolling out to more users, enabling them to share photos with friends who are in them automatically. As well, Messenger is also getting more customization features, namely selectable colors for different group threads and conversations with friends.

Says Facebook, "you can really make Messenger your own space" with the new customization features. Users are able to change nicknames for friends rather than using their formal names (you can change your mother's name to "Mom," for example), and conversation threads can be colored coded according to people.

Your great uncle can be green, for example, while your best friend can be red; this makes it a little easier to distinguish things at a glance. As well, if you're tired of that little thumbs up, you can replace with it a new set emoji that is better suited to your mood or festivities — a party hat, for example.

Those on iOS can take advantage of the new features by tapping on someone's name at the top of a thread. Those on Android can make the changes by tapping the info button at the top of the display.

Finally, as a festive little perk Facebook has brought back the snow globe effect for Android users, something that is limited only to this season. Users will also see snow flakes in the messages. Joining them are Frozen sticker packs — and if you're not inclined to any of that, Facebook has added some Star Wars stickers, too.

SOURCE: Facebook