Facebook Lite Trims the Features Starting Today

While Facebook isn't nearly as overbearing as MySpace is on its best day, for users out there trying to connect with everyone they know on a slow Internet connection, Facebook could be pretty daunting. There's a lot of pictures that people like to share, after all, and those applications can be ridiculous at times. But Facebook has the answer for you: Lite. And just as the name has always alluded, we've got a fresh new look on an old friend.

You know how to get to Facebook, we're sure, but if you want to try out the fresh new version, head on over to lite.facebook.com, and get set up on the diet. As of right now, if you're anywhere else but the USA and India, you won't have access. Of course, we can think of somewhere else that probably needs it, but we're sure that Facebook intends to get it out to other markets, but there's no official word on that as of yet.

The Lite version isn't just a light modification. No, its a pretty distinct variation on what most people have come to know and love. Applications are removed, and most of the other shiny things are gone as well. Though, if you make the transition from old to new, you'll keep your friends, photos, and the like. Sharing and status messages are still in tact, too. It looks like the Lite version is for both the slow connections, and the fast-paced lifestyle that many are falling into. Like Twitter, it seems that Facebook knows that some people just want to get in and get out, with no real need to sit on the site for hours.