Facebook launches primer detailing all things security

Anyone with a social networking account should be mindful not only of what they post on it, but also their security settings — misunderstanding a particular setting, for example, could lead to info you believed was private actually being visible to the public. Facebook has rolled out features that aim to improve the users' awareness of those security features, including reminders that popup with snippets of information every now and again, and that settings review that rolled out not too long ago. Now it is back with more...a lot more.

As of today, the social network has a new primer of sorts that is packed full of information about privacy and all the ways its users can maintain it. This information is provided in a series of guides broken down by subject, including the basics that lays out all of the noob-level details one might need to know.

The guides extend beyond merely detailing things like its security features, and includes snippets of wisdom on other ways one can keep the information safe — including things like dealing with dubious messages and how to proceed if an account is hacked.

Furthermore, to ensure as many of its users can benefit as possible, the guides are offered in 40 languages. Both visual and interactive guides are included among the information, which can be accessed on any of your Web-connected devices. Check out the timeline below for more recent Facebook news!

SOURCE: Facebook Blog