Facebook is testing a fundraising tool for nonprofits

Facebook has introduced a new fundraising tool for nonprofits, and it is working to improve its "donate" button, the combination of which will make the social network a little more attractive to charities. Says Facebook, "We hope these features help nonprofits reach new supports, engage their community and get the valuable funding they need to continue their good work." Facebook started testing tools for nonprofits back in 2013.

Fundraisers give charities the opportunity to explain their story or campaign and seek a specific amount funds, all from their Facebook Page. The fundraisers show funds via a blue bar, and present different donation options, among other things. Users can make donations directly on the page.

Fundraisers can be shared like regular Facebook posts, with shared posts also presenting a donation button. As well, that donation button has been improved, as mentioned, with the social network making it available on Pages as well as posts. Nonprofits can add a donation button to their Pages for others to contribute funds.

Says Facebook, by revamping its donate buttons, nonprofits have "a consistent place to collect" funds. The company is testing both tools in conjunction with 37 partners, including the World Wildlife Fund and Mercy Corps. Other U.S. 501C3 nonprofits will get access to the tools soon.

SOURCE: Facebook