Facebook introduces new "Lite" app for Android

Facebook has announced its new "Facebook Lite" offering, something that sounds oddly familiar. Regardless, the new rendition of the social network's app is specifically for Android users who need to (or want to ) keep data usage to a minimum, allowing them to use the service without it breaking the bank/data cap/whatever limitation might exist. Ultimately the app is for those who are in areas where their network access is slow and has trouble facilitating use of the social network's regular app.

The app is very lightweight, in that it is less than 1MB in size — for many that's an inconsequential amount, but in places where data access is very slow or limited (and where device's typically have very limited storage space), such a small size is especially important.

The app will be rolling out in regions where it is more likely to be used, starting first with some unspecified countries in Asia, and then in the upcoming weeks in regions of Africa, Europe, and Latin America. If you're in one of those regions, check out the Play Store to see if you've access to it.

The app's design looks similar to some older versions of the Android app, though with some modern polish. The menu is simplified, and overall it appears to be tailored toward smaller and lower-resolution displays. Check out the gallery below for a couple additional screenshots, then the timeline for more news!

SOURCE: Facebook