Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp down: Huge outage leaves users waiting

Facebook has been experiencing an outage that continues to impact some Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Oculus users. The issue has been ongoing for hours today, and though Facebook has acknowledged it multiple times, the reason for the outage remains unclear. In its most recent update, Facebook said that it can confirm the problem does not stem from a DDoS attack.

Some users who attempted to access Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus have experienced problems loading their News Feed, accessing content, and other similar issues. In a tweet a few hours ago, Facebook said it was 'aware' of the troubles and was 'working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.'

An hour later, the company confirmed that its problem wasn't related to a DDoS attack. Other services in the Facebook family have made similar comments, such as Oculus, which said in its own tweet that it working on fixing the problem. Hours after Facebook, Instagram published a similar tweet. WhatsApp has remained quiet at this time.

Unfortunately, there's no way to know when Facebook will solve the problem, and the company may never offer a proper explanation about what caused the outage. Some users are able to access the services like usual, while others retain access, but are unable to load new content and share posts.

Following Facebook on Twitter may be the easiest way to get future updates about the outage, as well as an alert when the problem is fixed. In the meantime, alternatives like Twitter remain available. Facebook has not provided a time frame in which it expects the problem to be resolved.