Facebook “Dislike” thumbs-down finally here, but only in Messenger

Will Conley - Dec 18, 2013
Facebook “Dislike” thumbs-down finally here, but only in Messenger

Facebook has at last answered your cries for a “Dislike” button, sort of. You will not be able to thumbs-down statuses and other types of posts in news feeds and timelines, but you will be able to send a thumbs-down in private messages via the mobile app. And you will be able to send a whole lot more types of thumbs to express a range of sentiments.

The feature was rolled out today. It appeared in the form of “stickers” — images you can privately send through Facebook Messenger to another person or group of people. They all are variations on the iconic Facebook thumb. You can get the free sticker pack download in the sticker store through the Facebook Messenger app on your mobile device.

Thumbs up, thumbs down, sparkle thumb, heart thumb, “hang ten” thumb, flower thumb — the range is like a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. but for Facebook thumbs. Feeling peaceful? Peace sign thumb. Rather fight the power? Fist thumb. For those quick on the draw, fire thumb. There’s also a “go there” thumb, a “get well soon” thumb, and a celebration thumb adorned with a champagne flute.


This whimsical little update to a small portion of the Facebook experience should be received a little more warmly than the company’s other recent update, video auto-plays in news feeds in the iOS app. Those wishing they could “Dislike” statuses will have to make do with actually typing out the word “Dislike” in the comments. C’est la vie.

Speaking of comments, how do you feel about this new sticker pack for Facebook Messenger? Please state your answer in the form of a thumb.

SOURCE: The Next Web

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