Facebook custom picture frames go live for videos and photos

Facebook has rolled out the ability to create custom picture frames for videos and photos posted on the social network. Unlike pre-made frames that are used by everyone, this new feature enables users to create their own unique frame for their own videos and artwork. The move follows the trend set by a certain other app, enabling users to better modify and adorn their own content and, perhaps, making Facebook a touch more enticing in the process.

Because the frames are made using your own artwork, you'll obviously need to create that artwork first. You can draw it by hand if you like, but you'll ultimately need to turn it into a PNG image with a transparent background. You should do so for each element of the artwork so that you can reposition them in the final frame.

After uploading the artwork to Facebook, each component in the frame can be manually moved around and arranged into whatever orientation you'd like. This is done on a digital canvas. After you do that, you can preview your own creation at different sizes, such as how it looks on mobile and tablets as well as an ordinary web browser.

Users are given the option of adding details to their frames such as a related location (if applicable). You can't go straight to using your frame, though, because Facebook first has to approve it after you submit it. That won't take too long, though. It seems other people will be able to use your frames, as Facebook says you'll have the option of seeing how many people are using them.

SOURCE: Facebook