Facebook begins testing encrypted emails

Facebook is experimenting with a new feature that'll likely not win it favor with the NSA. This morning the social network announced that it is rolling out a feature that will allow privacy-conscious users to receive encrypted emails from Facebook, with the feature covering emails that are of a sensitive nature — password reset messages, for example. Under this new feature, one can add OpenPGP public keys to their Facebook profile, and can also opt-in to an encrypted notifications option for getting more secured messages.

Facebook's new feature is rolling out "gradually" to users, though in which regions/over what time frame wasn't specified. If you're on the receiving end of the feature, however, you'll be presented with a "PGP Public Key" option found in the "About Me" section of your Facebook profile. If you have it, you can share your OpenPGP keys and enable encrypted notifications.

When the key is entered to the profile, there will be an option below it reading "Use this public key to encrypt notification emails that Facebook sends you?" If you check the box, the feature will be enabled. Says the social network, it will sign outbound message with its own key, something that'll "provide greater assurance" that emails are genuine.

Such a feature comes at a time when concerns about government spying and other unwanted intrusions are at an all-time high, and is a welcomed change for those who want to ensure their data stays private. For those interested in snooping, however, it presents yet another obstacle to overcome.

SOURCE: Facebook