Facebook at Work service rumored in testing for business users

If you can't resist the urge to get on Facebook while at work, the company's new rumored work-in-progress will either alleviate your guilt or feed your addiction. It's called Facebook at Work, and according to sources that spoke to the Financial Times it'll be targeting the likes of Google, LinkedIn, and more by providing a platform specifically for business users. The new site, says the sources, will look more or less like Facebook with both groups and newsfeeds, but will bring with it things like the ability to collaborate over documents.

The idea of adding a platform specifically for business users is not new at Facebook, according to the sources, which say it started work on "Facebook at Work" earlier this year. The project seems to be at a somewhat advanced stage, with it being said some unnamed companies are testing the product.

When the service does arrive it'll likely be free, though it is hinted that such an arrangement might not be permanent. Facebook is already used by many groups and collectives to chat and share data, often in the form of private groups — with Facebook at Work, in addition to the additional features, users would have the bonus of keeping their business and personal profiles separate.

No other details about what Facebook at Work will offer — nor any sort of guess about when we might see it arrive — was provided. The big question is whether companies will elect to use the platform, as Facebook itself is often blocked to prevent workers from wasting time, and whether they'll be confident enough in the social network's security to share confidential information through it.

SOURCE: Financial Times