Facebook At Work now rolling out to testers

Facebook At Work, the company's social platform within a social network, is now rolling out. The purpose is to allow for companies to create a network within Facebook, self-contained to those within the company. Facebook At Work looks and acts just like Facebook proper, save for it being a microcosm of the service. It positions Facebook against the likes of other enterprise-focussed social layers like Slack, but offers a much richer experience thanks to it being, well, Facebook.

This new (if you can call it new) service will bring all the normal Facebook-y things like news feed and messenger to the fold. Users can opt for a separate work log-in, or link their enterprise profile via their personal Facebook profile. The only difference there seems to be is that you won't see ads, and Facebook At Work doesn't track your data in any way.

Before you rush to the desktop to create your Work profile, know it's still technically in testing. Facebook is seeding Work to a series of companies to better discover what the enterprise space wants from it. It's also only available via your company, so your LinkedIn profile is still necessary.

The benefit to Facebook At Work is that it's Facebook; it's familiar, approachable, and most people have it or have used it. The downside is that many companies block access to Facebook.

Via: TechCrunch