Facebook announces Internet.org Platform

Facebook has announced the launch of a new project called Internet.org that aims to connect mobile users in the developing world by allowing developers to create apps and services on top of the internet.org Platform. Facebook previously offered the platform only to a few partners and has now opened it up to any developer that wants to try the platform out.

The Internet.org Platform is also an attempt by Facebook to fight the criticism that has focused on the Itnernet.org service in the days before it became the platform open to all that it is now. The Internet.org initiative launched back in 2013 with the main goal being to connect the next five billion users around the world to the internet.

Facebook wasn't alone in the project with major companies like Microsoft, Samsung, and others on board. Internet.org is open to any third party developer, but there are strict guidelines in place on how the platform is used. One guideline is no high-bandwidth sites will be included.

This is because most places where the platform is used are served by wireless internet, which is expensive. All websites that are included have to be optimized for mobile. Facebook is also trying to discourage websites using the platform that have a narrow view of the web. There are a number of other guidelines as well, but those are the main ones in place. Facebook has a video announcing the Internet.org Platform at this link.

SOURCE: Venturebeat