Facebook and Twitter possibly facing ban in Russia

Future trips to Russia could involve a bit less social access, if a recent interview with Russia's Maxim Ksenzov, deputy head of the Roskomnadzor (Roscom), is any indication. Twitter in particular has drawn an unfavorable eye from the nation, which sees it as a hotbed for extremist content.

Both Facebook and Twitter are on the chopping block, with neither paying taxes in Russia and neither having offices in the nation, the latter of which makes it difficult for Russia to communicate with the companies. Even when communication is made, content removal demands may go unmet.

Ksenzov pointed to Twitter in particular, decrying it for allowing what he refers to as "extremist" content to remain live. Twitter often refuses to take down or block content at the Russian government's request, and because of this it is "almost inevitable" that a block will take place.

Facebook isn't seen in the most favorable light either, it would seem, though Twitter appears to be the primary source of Russia's (or, at least, Ksenzov's) ire. It was suggested that the social network could also be blocked. For now, the "threat" of these networks is said to be under scrutiny.

SOURCE: TechDirt