Facebook and Flipboard are breaking up

If you're using Flipboard as a social media aggregator, you might have to look elsewhere to accomplish that. According to Flipboard, Facebook is changing the game on social sharing outside of their walls, and will no longer allow posts form friends and family to be seen inside Flipboard's apps for existing users. In addition to the feed change, Facebook is also breaking up with Flipboard. If you're not already using Facebook on Flipboard, you have until next week to start. After then, you'll never have the option again.

What Facebook is doing is making News Feed outside it's own service more news-y for those who already subscribe via Flipboard. If you like SlashGear, for instance, you'd still see our articles under your Facebook tile on Flipboard. If you happen to like an author of SlashGear, you won't get anything from our personal accounts inside Flipboard, even if it's newsworthy.

Flipboard also says the current Facebook tile in their app will be replaced with a new feed, though users won't have to do anything to see changes. So long as your Facebook account is linked to Flipboard, you're good to go. All changes will happen on the back-end.

Oddly, Facebook and Flipboard will also be breaking up. According to Flipboard's post announcing the News Feed changes, "after March 24, you can no longer add Facebook to your Flipboard. Also note that if you remove your Facebook tile after March 24, you won't be able to add it again, so make sure not to delete the tile if you want to preserve access."

Flipboard says only about 2% of their users actually use the service to check out Facebook, so this breakup won't affect a majority of us. Still, it's odd to see Facebook retracting from a widely used app, especially as they try to make their News Feed more relevant to news.

The change is set to take effect March 24.

Source: Flipboard