Facebook 3.0 Officially Launches in the App Store

Well, it's been almost two weeks in the process, but the official Facebook application has been officially updated, and is able to be downloaded now via the App Store. It's rocking the 3.0 moniker now, even though it's still listed as version number 2.5 in the store. The app's designer, Joe Hewitt, said that if you hit download anyway, you should get the new application without a hitch. So how does it stack up, and are the features all that great?

There's a ton of features, to be honest, and it makes the application feel more like you're navigating the natural Facebook web page than anything else. Simple things like the ability to "like" a friend's status has been finally implemented, as well as an Events section, which has been a gripe for quite some time. And if you've upgraded from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS, then you'll be able to upload videos directly from your phone to your Facebook page.

Sadly, there isn't any kind of Push notifications this time around, but Hewitt is hard at work at it, and will probably rolled out with a 3.1 update. Also, landscape mode will be available later as well, and there may be support for watching Facebook videos directly from the app, instead of having to upload them first. And while it's exciting to see the Facebook 3.0 app finally released, there was definitely some contention between Hewitt and the App Store/Apple, that hopefully got smoothed over since the submission of the app itself.