FAA propses more fines against Amazon over alleged shipment violations

On the heels of a recent proposed $350,000 fine against Amazon over the alleged improper shipment of hazardous materials comes another two notices from the FAA: a proposed fine of $78,000 and a proposed fine of $52,000, both likewise over the claimed violations of hazardous materials shipment regulations. The shipping instances took place in 2014, and are said to have involved a total of three cardboard boxes.

The first of the two instances is said to have taken place on May 24, 2014. According to the FAA, Amazon shipped two boxes with FedEx, each being cardboard and containing a "corrosive rust stain preventer" called Rid O' Rust Stain Preventer Acid Well Water Formula. The two packages are said to have held a combined total of six 1-gallon plastic jugs of the substance.

The FAA claims Amazon gave these two boxes to FedEx for air shipment from Illinois to Florida, and that the contents were discovered when one of the containers began to leak through the cardboard box. Amazon is proposing a $78,000 fine in this instance.

The second instance is said to have happened on June 2 in 2014, with Amazon allegedly giving the UPS a cardboard box package with Simple Air EZ Green HVAC Cleaner, a flammable gas. UPS workers reportedly discovered the package, which was turned over for air transportation, at a sorting facility. The FAA proposes a $52,000 fine in this case.

In both instances, the FAA says the packages did not adhere to the proper shipping requirements, including things like labels and proper shipping papers. As of yesterday, Amazon has been given 30 days to respond to the allegations.