ezGear ezSpace UFO Power Extender is perfect for holiday lights

One thing I think a lot of people run into during the holidays is trying to find enough power outlets for all of their decorations. With a couple of strings of lights on my Christmas tree and other light-up decor, I need a compact solution to power it all up.

The ezGear ezSpace UFO Power Extender is the perfect way to keep all of your lights lit without A) causing a fire and B) using all of your outlets. This thing is extremely versatile, apparently. The patented design makes it so a power transformer can fit on every plug in a very compact way. The slanted angle, makes for more space saving, I guess.

With up to 1050 Joules of surge protection and six outlets this thing has you covered. The built-in switch makes turning on your lights in a snap easy. You can get the ezGear ezSpace UFO Power Extender now for $24.99.

[via Gearlog]