Eyes-on Gunnar Optiks and unboxing video

Glasses correct your vision and sunglasses stop you getting blinded by the sun; easy, right?  Not so fast, because if you talk to Gunnar Optiks, they'll tell you that their lenses can do a whole lot more.  Stacked with high-grade machining and coatings, including an oleophobic layer similar to the screen of the iPhone 3GS, Gunnar Optiks promise a reduction in eye fatigue and improved vision.  The company has sent a pair of their latest pair over; check out the unboxing video after the cut.

Gunnar call their various treatments i-AMP, and that covers tinting, the lens material itself, the coatings and the geometry to which each lens is shaped.  They're predominantly targeted at frequent computer users, or anyone glued to their smartphone – yes, just like a SlashGear blogger – and they work by pre-focusing the light making it ideal for near-distance viewing of computer screens and other digital devices.

We'll have the full review of the Gunnar Optiks sunglasses very soon, but until then check out the unboxing video and hands-on gallery.

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