Eyefi's Mobi Pro WiFi SD card is here, links camera and cloud

When you're out and about snapping pics, the last thing you want to think about is whether or not you have (or will have) a reliable WiFi connection. Your camera probably has an SD card slot, but does your computer? Instead of forcing compromise, Eyefi wants to let you take pics or video and leave the rest to technology with their new Mobi Pro WiFi SDHC card. Instead of thinking about how you're going to transfer files from your SD card to your computer, Eyefi is taking care of everything.

You can even use the Mobi Pro to link to Eyefi's cloud storage locker. Once Mobi Pro establishes a link with your phone, it can reroute images to your cloud locker. If you choose to keep photos on your phone, Eyefi's accompanying app uses a smart rendering feature that creates a Retina thumbnail image.

It's not an all-or-nothing proposition, though. You have control over which images transfer where, and what types as well. Many smartphones don't support RAW images; in those situations, Eyefi's Mobi Pro will send along a JPEG version instead.

Mobi Pro also comes with a free year's subscription to Eyefi's cloud storage — a $49.99 value. Though there's a cost to Eyefi's cloud, the storage has no limit. Eyefi is also introducing 'Smart Tags', with 10 categories (and 80 subcategories) of tags for your photos. Eyefi's image recognizer scans images for tagging, which can either be automatic or controlled by you. You can also add or delete tags as needed.

At $99.99, the Eyefi Mobi Pro isn't the most cost effective 32GB Class 10 SD card you can find for your camera. It is the only one that creates its own WiFi hotspot that can link to unlimited cloud storage, though. It might also be the only one that links to mobile apps that allow for image editing on the fly, too.

Eyefi's Mobi Pro is available today via the Eyefi website.