EyeClops Night Vision 2.0 Goggles ready for the holidays

Kids today have it really good when it comes to sweet toys and gadgets. Back in my day, if we wanted to see in the dark we had to open our eyes really wide or go old school and get a flashlight. Today kids can get their own inexpensive night vision goggles.Jakks has announced that it has updated the cool EyeClops Night Vision goggles that hit market last year to version 2.0. The new version for the goggles gets a $20 price cut and adds some nice new features. The set pictured is version 1.0.

Jakks says the new goggles are more comfortable to wear and now allow the wearer to see with both eyes. That has to be great for depth perception. The IR night vision set up allows the wearer to see in total darkness for up to 50 feet and the goggles will now sell for $59.99. I wonder if Santa will hook me up?