Eye movements could act as passwords in the future

When it comes to passwords most of us use computer systems that require alphanumerical strings to gain access to e-mail and websites. In some instances, other forms of identification and authentication are used rather than typing a password such as fingerprints or even retina scanning. We may be using eye movements rather than typing in strings of text to gain access to secure websites and services in the future.

According to researchers, when looking at a picture everyone's eyes move in a different sequence. The researchers claim that even if two people trace the same paths through an image the exact way their eyes move is different. A computer scientist from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas believes that this phenomenon can be harnessed to be used as passwords in future computer systems and to supplement existing systems.

The computer scientist believes that a system can be created that identifies people, by the way, they move their eyes while looking at a computer screen. The computer scientist is Oleg Komogortsev, and he says that there are enough differences that eye movements can be "talked about" as a biometric. The researcher says that his work is in the earliest stages and needs years of work before it can be rolled out for commercial use.

He believes that eye movements could possibly be used as next-generation iris scans. Researchers have proven in the past that some iris scanners can be fooled by simply holding up a high-quality print out of the correct person's eye in front of the scanner. Komogortsev hopes that adding an eye movement sensor could prevent scanners from being fooled with such simple means.

[via NBC News]