Eye Implantable Camera Being Developed

There are not a lot of things that creep me out, but the short list of things that do are usually strange and improbable. The implantable bionic eye however, makes the list. I know it would be helpful but the thought just gives me the willies for some strange reason.

UCLA developer, Michelle Hauer, and her team filed the patent for the camera (Intraocular Camera for Retinal Prosthesis) which is small enough to be planted on the eye's lens. In turn that would be able to fed directly into the optic nerve which would benefit the blind or into a portable hard drive for various nefarious deeds. They claim the power would come from an onboard battery and the patent made mention "optical control signals".

I understand the usefulness of this device and I look forward to hearing more about it. I hope it's never something I have to look in to personally, though.

[via engadget]