Extra Extra Large Mouse Pad - The Ratscar Deskpad eSporter XXL

I don't use mouse pads anymore. If I happen across one I use it for maybe 5 seconds then toss, there's not enough room to maneuver for me on them. However, with Ratscar all my problems are solved, I hope.

Not just a mouse pad, the Ratscar is a desk pad; it'll accommodate all your desk needs and give you a lot of extra mousing space. It comes in at 35.4x17.l7 inches which is almost 10 times the normal mouse pad size. It's made from high precision cloth and has a non-slip backing.

It sounds like perfection for me. The only non-perfect thing about is that it costs $40 and I'm really not going to pay that much for it.

Big Mouse Pad [via technabob]