Exogear Exolife iPhone 4 battery case debuts

Every iPhone I have owned since the original came out in 2007 has needed some help with its battery life at one time or another. All of the smartphones have had cases on the market that have a battery inside to extend the runtime.

The new iPhone 4 also needs a case to help prevent the antenna from being blocked. A company called Exogear has announced a new Exolife case for the iPhone 4. The case has an internal battery for longer runtime.

The battery is 1500mAh and promises an extra seven hours of talk time per charge. The case is made from polycarbonate and leaves the antenna exposed and prevents your hand from covering it accidentally. The case exposes all the ports and controls for the iPhone except the charge and sync port. The black version of the Exolife case ships on July 30 with the white version coming on September 30. You can preorder now for $89.95.