Exhaust Burger Saves The World

So in an effort to make use of those harmful exhaust fumes an Iranian design team came up with this concept. It's a single burger grill that plugs into your exhaust and uses the heat from those gases to cook the burger.

Its really a rather ingenious idea, it uses a clamshell design to direct the gases around the burger, without them polluting the meat. The only downside is that you'd have to stop ever so often to either change out patties or flip the burger as it appears to only cook one side at a time.

Also, since it dog-legs downward, depending on what you drive, you'd have to worry about hitting the wrong bump and the thing being knocked off without you even knowing. Now if you could cook 4 burgers in the time it took you to run to McDonald's to get French fries, it'd be nifty, but I doubt the cooking time would be that good. Like I said, its just a design, so it will probably never be made, and even if it did, it would probably cost too much.

[via gizmodo]