EVO 2021 Showcase canned due to COVID resurgence

Another day, another in-person event claimed by COVID-19 and the delta variant. Earlier this year, we saw EVO 2021 move almost entirely online in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. The original plan was to host much of the tournament online and then invite the best players in the world to the in-person EVO 2021 Showcase in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the organizers of EVO announced today that the EVO 2021 Showcase will no longer happen as planned.

EVO organizers shared the news today on Twitter, saying that the players who were invited to the EVO 2021 Showcase will instead be contacted by EVO staff in recognition of their efforts. Instead of moving the Showcase online, it seems that EVO organizers have decided to cancel it entirely, likely due to the fact that one of the main motivations behind the Showcase was to host a small, in-person event.

"The goal of the Evo Showcase is to bring together the best players from around the world in a live, in-person format," today's statement reads. "Due to the continuing complications of COVID-19 and the spread of the Delta Variant we have made the tough decision to cancel the Evo 2021 Showcase."

"The players invited to participate in the Evo 2021 Showcase represent many of the best fighters in the world," the statement goes on to say. "We're incredibly saddened to cancel the event. The Evo team will be contacting each player individually to recognize their efforts. We remain dedicated to Evo's mission of celebrating the FGC, and will continue to work toward the return of the big, live events that you expect from us."

Earlier this summer, EVO organizers announced that EVO 2022 will happen in-person in Las Vegas. The current plan is to host the event in Las Vegas from August 5th through the 7th, but of course, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could change those plans. We'll let you know what happens from here, so stay tuned for more.